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Hello, I'm NotExcessive. You might remember me from such play parties as, "Oh my God the A-frame's gone through the wall!" and "Are you sure the TENS unit is meant to work off three-phase power?!?" and I'd like to welcome you to the 4WD BDSM Getaway! web site.

I thought it would be a good idea to combine two of my "interests": BDSM and four-wheel driving. I've been to many play parties over the years, but they were all in an urban setting. To my knowledge nobody had ever done an outdoors trip of this type before, so I figured, why not? So in November of 2002, I put together the concept of the 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekend tours. The first trek was held in February of 2003.

The idea behind this is that we gather kinksters together who are into 4-wheel driving, and go somewhere to play in the Great Australian Outdoors. Needless to say, the 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekend tours aren't going to appeal to everybody, and nor are they meant to. You'll need a love of Australia's stunning natural beauty to go on one of these treks, because there will be no motels or swimming pools. The most urbanised you'll get will be the occasional cabin or bed & breakfast, and we do conduct those sorts of trips, so city slickers, don't give up hope.

The 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekends aren't just about play, however. You bond with others in the group (pardon the pun) on many levels. Sure, there's the BDSM element that we have in common, but you also form friendships. Being away out in the bush with a small group of people, you get to know them a little bit better than you would in the crowded environment of a suburban play party, especially if you're together for a couple of days rather than just for a few hours.

The 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekends are hosted several times a year, depending on weather, time available for going away, etc.  Notifications will be posted to the following mailing lists:

Brisbane BDSM
Canberra BDSM
Melbourne BDSM
NSW Kink Calendar

Feel free to visit the 4WD BDSM Getaway! BBS, accessible via the Forums link on the menu.

As I'm based in Sydney, the bulk of the trips will be to places in NSW but there will be trips organised every now and again for out-of-state. People on interstate lists are more than welcome to come along, if attending a 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekend fits in with their plans.

You don't absolutely have to own a 4WD (see the "What if I want to come along on a 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekend, but I don't have a 4WD?" section on the FAQ page) but it sure helps a hell of a lot if you do.

This web site is fairly graphics-intensive, as it contains trip reports which are full of large, high-quality photographs. I've compressed the images as much as possible to minimise the download times for people on dial-up connections, but image quality is still the rule, so apologies if you're on a dial-up. At least you can read the text while you're waiting for the images to download! The site is formatted for a minimum screen size of 1280x1024 pixels. If you're running 1024x768, you'll have to use the scroll bars in your browser a little bit. If you have 800x600, you'll still manage to get around by juggling the scroll bars in your browser but it's going to be a very painful process. Masochists may change their screen resolutions to this setting. If you have anything less than 800x600, then you're probably still trying to light fires by rubbing two rocks together, and you're way too feral for us to take you 4WDing.

The trip reports on this web site are written by myself, and report events as they happened, from my own personal recollection. They're biased towards what I myself did that weekend, because I don't go around asking everybody to write down a diary of what they do so that I can put it up on a web site. After all, they're there to have FUN. So naturally, you're seeing the happenings through my eyes. On the odd occasion where somebody does care to write up a paragraph or two (and I really would like to encourage this, so it's not just always me me me), it's included on the Reviews page, and you can gain another perspective by reading their words.

Don't forget that you can change the size of the text on these pages by using the options under "View" in the toolbars of Firefox and Internet Explorer.

If you can't see the menu at the upper left of your screen, then you either don't have Flash installed on your computer, or it's an old version. You can either install Flash, or just continue to navigate the site by using the standard hyperlinks at the bottom of each page. If you can't access the Forums site by clicking on the Flash menu and you're using Firefox, ensure that you allow popups from 4wdbdsmgetaway.net in your Adblock settings in the bottom right corner of your browser window. An easier way to do this is to simply click Tools -> Adblock -> Whitelist this whole site from your Firefox toolbar menu.

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I've tried to make this web site as comprehensive as possible. If, after going through the information pages there's anything further you'd like to know, I'd be only too happy to answer any questions.

Every now and again, during a January, we run a major trek, which is far more than just two days away from home. We've usually ventured to Moreton Island, but in February of 2007, we'll be doing a grand adventure over two weeks to Tasmania. These treks require major planning and commitment, but you'll find the rewards more than ample.

If the 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekends seem like something you would be interested in, then please send me an email. We enjoy meeting new people, so come along and do some bush bondage! Revel in the fresh air, the sound of chainsaws, the crackle of a bonfire at night, the whimpering of terrified submissives as they discover they really ARE in the middle of nowhere and can't catch a bus home, and the company of your fellow kinksters in unique surroundings.




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