Gavin E. WonderGerbil, Esq.

Our official mascot for the 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekends is Gavin The Electric Wonder Gerbil. Gavin has extensive travel experience in the outback and is highly qualified. He has hiked across the Himalayas carrying his wounded camel on his back, and abseiled down Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe using nothing more than three toothpicks and a length of string. What's even more astonishing is that he's done both these things simultaneously!

In Australia, Gavin has been pursuing his latest research project: an archeological expedition. Lake Eyre, in South Australia, is the world's largest salt lake. Gavin has posited, in accordance with the Unified Field Theory, the existence of a companion lake, a pepper lake, that must be situated right alongside this salt lake. If this expedition is successful, the ramifications could be enormous. We don't know with regards as to what, but we'll take his word for it.

To add to his impressive list of accomplishments, Gavin is also an Ordained Minister. True to his usual, humble, manner, he prefers to be called just "Gavin" on these treks, instead of "Reverend."

So remember, whether it's to join you and your partner in holy marriage in the middle of the forest, or to read you the Last Rites because you've just driven over the edge of a 400 metre cliff because the handbrake didn't work, Reverend Gavin will always be there for you!