Trek Number: 8
Destination: Deua National Park
Number of People: 3
Weather Conditions: Overcast with slight fog on Saturday morning, fine Saturday afternoon & Sunday.
Vehicles: Toyota FJ62 Land Cruiser
Toyota RJ70 Bundera
Reviews: 0


Saturday, March 6:

Alas, due to last-minute changes in the schedules of the others that were due to come along on this trip, we were short by two vehicles and four people, so we were again down to the core Land Cruisers on this trek. As always, we were undeterred, and carried on regardless - the beauty of this area makes the trip well worth while, no matter what. We were content with just making it a camping trip and getting some peace and quiet away from the rat race that Sydney's become.

Driving the trails, we were immersed in the lush vegetation. B actually got to see the views this time, because there was only a little bit of light fog in the morning, in contrast to the first trip he did here, where you could barely see the bull bar on the front of your own truck. After passing through the camping area at Bendethera, we found a secluded spot beside a bend in the Deua River, and set up for lunch. The serenity was hard to equal. The river was clean, clear, and stilled your busy thoughts.

Arriving for lunch at a quiet spot.
Some river scenery.
Quiet seclusion.

After lunch, we continued on and selected a camp site in the late afternoon. Setting up our tents and a large tarp to serve as a lounging area, we then set about for a wood run. Deua has no shortage of firewood, and we were soon carving up a huge log back near the Bendethera camp ground, and dragging it along the trail back to our camp, on the end of a strap tied to the rear of the Bundera. Things went awry a few times when the strap let go, thus leaving the log stranded in the middle of the trail, but we eventually got it back to camp.

By early evening, we were all set for an evening's relaxation, and the sunset was magnificent.

A magnificent sunset ends the day.


At dinner, B introduced us to the wonderful world of Stagg Chili. This was something with which I was totally unfamiliar, even though I like hot foods a lot, and after sampling the best Stagg had to offer, I'm a convert. I think we'll end up carrying along a can or two of Stagg on the 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekends from now on.

While we were on this cultural exchange, B also introduced us to the concept of "Bear O'Clock", which is a New Zealand temporal concept, meaning that any time is the right time for a "bear." When I queried B on what the hell a "bear" was, he duly proceeded to pull out a bottle from the cooler. Ah. Enough said. I've now added the "Bear O'Clock" concept to my 4WD experience.

We whiled the night away, talking around the fire.

The camp site at night with a nice fire going.


Sunday, March 7:

Packing up the camp after a delicious breakfast of pancakes and maple syrup, we took the Snowball Road out of the park, for something different to do. We made our way home through farm country and winding roads, getting back to Sydney by late afternoon. It had been a quiet weekend, but it was still rewarding. Who knows... perhaps next time we're down here, we'll actually be able to organise for everybody to turn up, and have a proper kink weekend out here.

Time for me to go. I think it's "Bear O'Clock".