Trek Information Page - "The Lodge"
A private lodge, approximately 30 minutes' drive north-east of Muswellbrook, NSW.
Regional Map:
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There's no 4WDing involved to get to the actual house itself. There are tracks to explore in the surrounding hills that are rated anywhere from 2 to 4, depending on the weather.

4WD Vehicle Requirements:
Since the road trip to the house is suitable for any ordinary road car, it's not really a 4WD trip, strictly speaking, but there are places to go 4WD exploring in the surrounding area. The terrain isn't particularly demanding (unless it's wet, in which case it can be rather "full on" when trying to climb) and is mainly dirt plus the odd patch of clay. A snatch strap would be handy to have on board if it's raining.
Road Car Options:
You can get to this spot with a FIAT Bambino, ferchrissakes. You don't NEED any options!
Privacy Level:

There's hardly any through traffic, although the neighbour is only a few hundred metres away, so perhaps cracking a bullwhip in the backyard at two in the morning isn't a good idea. The house itself is rather private.

4WD exploring   Bushwalking


The house is large enough to have room for some sleeping bags on the floor of the lounge room, near the heater.
Sealed road all the way from Muswellbrook town centre to the outskirts of town; good-quality dirt & gravel roads from there up to the final destination.

12 people.

The cost of hiring The Lodge for the weekend is approximately $300. If we have 10 people, that's a very inexpensive way to have a place like this all to ourselves for two days.
Meeting Point:

In Sydney, we'll be meeting at the Budget Petrol service station located on the corner of Commercial Rd and Kingsgrove Rd, Kingsgrove.

33º 56' 23.4" S, 151º 06' 01.6" E (WGS84)

Departure Point:
The Shell service station on the main drag in Muswellbrook on the northern side of the railway line.

Estimated Travel Time:
Around 30 minutes from Muswellbrook town centre. The journey from Sydney to Muswellbrook takes around 2.5 hours.
Unless otherwise advised, we will be on UHF CB Channel 15, with a frequency of 476,775 MHz. This is a simplex FM channel.
The nearest fuel service is the Mobil service station at the departure point itself.
The house is equipped with a fully fitted-out kitchen of generous size. There is also a BBQ on the rear patio. Finding space for entertaining is not a problem.
Ample firewood to run the slow combustion heater is supplied by the operators of the Lodge.
• Power
Standard 240VAC power is available as the house is connected to the grid, just like suburbia.
• Showers
The house has a bathroom with all facilities.
You'll need to be self-sufficient for everything as it's at least half an hour to go back into town, unless someone feels like going for a drive.
• Toilets
The house has a bathroom with all facilities.
• Water
The house is connected to the water supply, so there's no need to bring any water.
Trek Outline :

Leaving the centre of Muswellbrook, we make our way to the north-eastern outskirts of town. The road soon gives way to a dirt track, which winds its way through absolutely stunning scenery, and follows the path of a river. The rolling hills and the greenery have to be seen to be believed. Soon, we will reach our destination, which is a house set amongst the hills, and on a relatively isolated dirt road.

Since the road is a dead end and only goes a little farther on, there is very little traffic. In fact, there isn't really any. This makes The Lodge a reasonably private place to stay. It's a great place to chill and enjoy the surroundings. You can also explore the surrounding countryside (this bit is 4WD only in a lot of places) or just sit in front of the fire.

The Lodge is probably going to be the most civilised destination on the 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekend itinerary, but that doesn't mean it's any less enjoyable. Sometimes, it's OK to have all the comforts of home.


The road winds through stunning hills.
The river runs clear and fresh.
Exploring the tracks nearby.