Trek Information Page - Deua National Park

Deua National Park, NSW.

Regional Map:
LandSat Image:

Deua National Park has some of the steepest tracks you're ever likely to climb anywhere in the world, and if you don't have low-range, forget about it. That means, no useless "pretend" 4WDs such as the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, Subaru Forester, Nissan X -Trail, and so on. This trek is only doable if you have a REAL 4WD. So there.

If you don't have low range gearing in your vehicle, you won't make it out of the mountains (assuming that you made it into the mountains in the first place), simple as that - click HERE to see a detailed altitude profile of the fire trails we'll be travelling along. The horizontal axis is in kilometres travelled from our starting point at Moruya, and the vertical axis is in metres above sea level. As you can see from the graph, it's a real roller coaster ride. It's no exaggeration to say that for sections of it, you're either laying flat on your back, staring at bare sky through the windscreen, or standing your feet hard on the firewall, watching the ground rush towards your face.

Also, NO TRAILERS. For these tracks, there's just no way you'd be able to make it.

You'll need to make sure that your vehicle has adequate ground clearance. If you have your spare tyre mounted underneath the vehicle, it's a really good idea to consider moving it, either inside, or on the roof. If you leave it underneath, there's an extremely good chance you'll tear it off somewhere.

There are a few river crossings. The depth varies, depending on prevailing conditions.

4WD Vehicle Requirements:
Extra jerry cans for fuel.
• Radio.
• Extra spare tyre.

• Basic recovery gear.

• Toolkit.
Basic spare parts & filters.
Radiator blind.

• Air compressor.

Extended diff & gearbox breathers.
  • Long-handled shovel.
  • Tyre gauge.
Road Car Options:
You could leave your car at Moruya, but considering we exit Deua a distance away from where we enter it (have a look at the LandSat Image above), you'll need a friendly 4WD owner to ferry you all the way back to town to pick up your car, which is not a problem if they're going through town on their way home in the first place, but could be a problem otherwise. If you can arrange for this with somebody, then that's fine.
Privacy Level:

Depends on where you camp, but if you camp away from the main campground, chances are only the squirrels will be seeking counseling from knowing what you've been up to.

4WD exploring   Bushwalking   Swimming


We'll be camping near Bendethera Campground, but far away from the regulars.
Sealed roads all the way from Sydney to the park boundary. Dirt tracks (strictly 4WD only) after that.

24 people or 6 trucks.

Nil. There are no applicable park entry or camping fees.
Meeting Point:

We'll be meeting at the pie shop located on the main street in Braidwood. It's not hard to spot - just look for the NotExcessive Nissan Patrol parked on your left-hand side as you're heading south through town.

Departure Point:

Same as the Meeting Point above.

Estimated Travel Time:
Approximately 4 hours from Sydney, via the Goulburn/Braidwood route.
Unless otherwise advised, we will be on UHF CB Channel 15, with a frequency of 476,775 MHz. This is a simplex FM channel.
The nearest fuel station before heading into the park is the Mobil, located at the departure point.
Cooking Cook over an open fire, or use a liquid-fuel cooker.
There is no shortage of firewood in Deua.
• Power
Whatever you can get out of the inverter in your 4WD, or from batteries.
• Showers
Battery-operated showers or solar showers are the way to go, or take a swim in the lovely fresh waters of the Deua River.
You will need to be self-sufficient in everything. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, anywhere within a half-day's drive if you reach mid-point and suddenly decide you need to go and buy some toothpaste.
• Toilets
See the shovel? Grab a roll of paper and head for the forest.
• Water
You will need to carry sufficient water to last you for the duration, or fill up from the Deua River if it looks good. Just remember that the fish piss in it.
Trek Outline :

Departing from Braidwood, this trek will take us through astonishing mountain ranges. Deua is one of the true wilderness areas in the world, and once you see Deua for yourself, you'll readily appreciate why. Although it's not all that far from the town of Moruya as the crow flies, Deua National Park is one of the most rugged places you can travel in. The trails are twisty and tortuous in sections, and it's not the sort of place to go for a drive if you don't know what you're doing. Perfect for getting away from the tourist crowd!

Our route will take us along the following fire trails:
Wamban, Little Sugarloaf, Bendethera, Dampier Mountain, Minuma Range, Mongamulla, Merricumbene, Oulla Creek, and Dry Creek.

There will be camping overnight, and a nice campfire that you can use for cooking, and, errr.... other things. There are several camp sites close by the Deua River, and they're far enough off the main trails to ensure a fairly good level of privacy. Included in our journey will be a visit to the lookout at Hanging Mountain, and the historic ruins of the Bendethera Homestead.

Those who are so inclined can also go cave exploring in the nearby Bendethera Caves. The caves are an easy 2km walk from Bendethera Campground. We'll be exiting via the Araluen Road turnoff and heading for home via Braidwood.

This trek is 130km of almost exclusively low-range driving. If you were to do a straight-through drive, as I did when I first discovered this loop, it would take you nearly 9 hours.

Everyone should experience this place at least once in their lives.