Are the 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekends public play parties?

No. We are a group of friends who enjoy getting together for play, 4WD adventure, and fun.

How do I get to come along on a 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekend?

To come along on a 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekend, you have to be known to me first. That means talking to me via phone, email, or preferably, in person. It's the same protocol you'd find at a lot of play parties. Some of the places we go to are privately owned. As such, I have to be able to vouch for the people in the group, and I'd like to know who I'm vouching for. If the 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekends seem like something you would be interested in and I don't know you from a bar of soap, then the best way to kick things off is to contact me.

I've just read about a trek that's coming up. Can I just turn up and come along?

If you're not known to me (see "How do I get to come along on a 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekend?" above), then the short answer is "no." If on the other hand you've been on a 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekend before, then of course you're known to us, but you still have to RSVP so that I know to book you in.

What if I want to come along on a 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekend, but I don't have a 4WD?

You don't necessarily have to own a 4WD but if you do, then it's obviously better than if you don't. Remember that regardless of where we go, part of the route is going to be traversable by an ordinary road car - the trick is, just how much. If you don't own a 4WD, you have a few options:

  1. Hire a 4WD of your own for the weekend. Britz for example hire out 4WDs, and other hire car firms do likewise. I'd recommend Britz, though, because they seem to have a policy of being sensible and not having an apoplectic fit when you mention that you will actually be taking a 4WD vehicle off road.
  2. Come along on the trek with your ordinary road car, and we'll take you as far as you can go with it. This would generally be to the end of sealed roads, or the end of good-quality gravel or dirt roads. What you would then have to do is take yourself and your gear and transfer to a 4WD in the group that has a spare seat available. Leave your car secured and enjoy the weekend - pick up your car at the end of the trek.
  3. Hitch a ride from the very beginning with a 4WD in the group that has a spare seat available, and don't worry about taking your car at all, which of course suits people who don't have any kind of vehicle in the first place.

Just some brief notes on options 2 and 3 mentioned above:

  • Personally, I think it's only fair to share fuel expenses with the owner of the 4WD you're hitching a ride in, especially if you do 100% of the trip in their truck.
  • If you're coming along on a 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekend and want to make use of a spare seat, email me and I'll put you in contact with a participating driver. Remember that their offer of a spare seat is purely voluntary.
  • I'm only a conduit between you and the driver of the participating 4WD, and it will be up to you two to arrive at some agreement - all I'm going to do is put you in contact with one another.
  • Note that there is never any guarantee of a spare seat, especially if a vehicle offering spare seats has to pull out of coming along on a trek at the last minute (which has happened), which is why nothing beats having your own 4WD.
  • If you're going to be exercising option 2, then see the Road Car Options section on the relevant Trek Information Page for any further details that might specifically apply to the selected destination.

Do you charge for these trips?

No. I organise them and guide you along, but I'm not doing this for any financial reason.

How much will it cost me?

That depends. Although there is never any charge to go on a 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekend itself, these things do, of course, cost money in other ways. The single largest component will probably be fuel. Some places we go to will have park usage or camping fees. They're quite trivial though so no rational person would have a problem with that. Any extra costs are listed in the Cost section on each Trek Information Page.

Why are you doing these trips?

I'm a 4WD fanatic. I'm going to go to these places anyway, whether it's with a fishing rod or a toy bag. So why not take a fishing rod and a toy bag? Besides, I've been doing the urban play party thing for years - this is something different. Call me a non-conformist.

How often are these trips held?

Again, that depends. I'll try to make sure that we do at least 4 trips a year, but there's no guarantee. We all have normal day-to-day life stuff to get in the way - kids, paying bills, work commitments, and so on. In 2003, the first year of the 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekend tours, we did 5 trips. During 2004, we did 4. Generally, the 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekends are held on the first or second weekend of any nominated month.

What do I need to bring?

That depends on where we're going. The Accommodation section on the Trek Information Page, along with the information on the Gear Page, will give you a good idea. Anything further will be discussed online, or by phone, before the event date.

If I come along on a trek, am I expected to play?

No, not at all. These treks are as much social as they are kink-oriented. There's no pressure on you to play - nobody's going to say anything to you if you come along purely for the 4WDing, or the bushwalking, or the swimming, or whatever. You can come along purely for the adventure. Conversely, nobody's going to object if you're in full-on scene mode for the duration of the trek, subject of course to our being out of range of the public eye. What you get out of the weekend is purely up to you. It's your decision.

If I come along on a trek, will I find a play partner?

The answer to this one is exactly the same as you'd receive at a standard play party: it's possible, but don't count on it. People coming along are already, for the most part, in established relationships and so already have play partners. On the other hand, that doesn't mean to say that you won't meet someone. For example, one couple that met on the April 2005 trek up at The Mountain ended up getting engaged in August of 2005 and married in June of 2006, so you never know! However, if the only reason you want to come along on a 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekend is to find a play partner, then you're coming along for the wrong reason, and I recommend you give the 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekend tours a miss.

Am I expected to "do stuff" like cut wood or do washing?

The 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekend tours are a group activity, and, as such, everyone is expected to contribute in some way to the welfare of the group. Nobody's keeping a score book, but it's common courtesy to help out, even in some small way. No-one's going to send you out with a chainsaw to cut wood, but if you can help by moving that gas bottle, help set up a tent, or make sure that the pot is full of hot water for doing the washing, then it's appreciated. If you're a Dom/Domme, you need to remember one thing: just as at a normal play party it's considered rude to boss around somebody else's submissive without their owner's permission, don't expect to come along on a trek and do the same thing and expect them to clean up after you. Doing the Dom/sub dynamic is one thing, but beyond that, we all work together to make the experience something to be remembered.

I don't own an "all-out" 4WD. Can I still bring it?

For the vast majority of treks, yes, you certainly can. Very few locations will require "hard core" four-wheel driving and full-sized super trucks with afterburners. Refer to the Grade section on the Trek Information Page.

I don't have much 4WD experience / I'm a 4WD newbie. Am I going to be out of my depth if I come along?

That depends. Refer to the Grade section on the Trek Information Page.

  • If it has a rating of 4 or 5 then yes, you'll be out of your depth, and I'd recommend you come along as a passenger rather than drive your own vehicle. That way, you won't risk writing it off, which is quite likely if you don't know what you're doing.
  • If the rating is 3, it's a tough call - if conditions are fine, you should be OK provided we give you a brief crash (pardon the pun) course regarding certain aspects of technique before we set off. If you feel comfortable tackling a Grade 3 location this way, then contact me and I'll arrange something with you well before the departure date. Just remember that nobody's accepting liability if you do the wrong thing and dent your vehicle - any advice given is purely "friendly."
  • If the rating is 2, then you should be OK. We can guide you through any tricky bits as we tackle them - they won't be that demanding.
  • If the rating is 1, then the only way you'll get into trouble is if you're an incompetent enough driver that you end up hurting yourself leaving your own driveway.

I'd like to come along on a trek, but I won't be able to make the meeting point in time. Can I catch up with you later on?

That's really hard to say. If you've been to a particular location on a previous 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekend, then of course you can turn up at any time, because you'll already know how to get there. If it's the first time you're going a particular location, you need to keep in mind that some of the places we go to are remote and/or very large, so that doesn't necessarily mean you'd be able to find us if you decided to turn up late, even if we gave you directions beforehand. If you have a GPS then obviously I can give you coordinates but even that's no guarantee, as for certain locations, even we won't know where the camp site will be until we set up. A radio would be of great help in a situation such as this, assuming that you can get within range for us to guide you in.

There is an alternative option, but how feasible it will be depends upon where you are, relative to the route we'll be taking. You can always join up with us en route providing that we don't end up waiting for you, because once we roll out, we keep on going. If we arrange for you to join up with us this way, then you have to be at the specified place no later than whatever time we agree upon. If we turn up and don't see you, and we haven't heard from you either by radio or mobile phone, then we're going to assume you won't be coming, and will continue right along without waiting. We've had vehicles join the convoy in this way on more than one occasion, and this works out very well, as long as you keep in mind that depending upon our progress, you may have to sit and wait at the specified place for quite some time until we get there. In short, life is a lot easier if you can make it on time and travel with the group.

I'm coming along on a trek and bringing my own 4WD. Do I have to offer up any spare seats?

This is not the scene from Blazing Saddles where Hedley Lamarr catches a henchman standing in the queue chewing gum, asks him if he "brought enough for everybody?", and then shoots him dead when the answer is "nope". If you're willing to offer up any spare seats in your truck, it really is appreciated, but we won't think any the less of you if you don't. You may, however, wake up with a severed wombat's head in bed beside you the following morning. If you are kind enough to be offering a spare seat, then please let me know so that I can organise seating for any people that might need it.

I've just read about the [insert month] trip on the mailing list. Can you send me more information?

This is probably the one question that you can ask which will most likely result in an emphatic no. By asking that question, it tells me that you haven't even bothered looking through this web site. The web site address is given in the footer of every email message that goes out on the lists, and when a new trek is advertised, reference is always made to the Calendar Page and again to the web site URL. You'd think it would occur to people to click on the link and have a look through the site - practically everything you need to know is here and all you need to do is read it - the layout is simple enough, and you can find anything in a few seconds.

My standard response is: have a look at the site, and if there's anything further you'd like to ask, then of course I'll be happy to answer any questions, but I won't do your homework for you because you're too lazy to do it yourself.

This doesn't mean you can't ask me questions - of course you can. I'm sure I haven't thought of absolutely everything, but patently dumb questions such as "when is it?", "where is it?", and the like, will prove to me that you haven't bothered reading the main site pages and won't get a response from me.

Where are all the photos of people playing? All I see is photos of trees and stuff.

These trips are not just about play, but also about going out and having fun, seeing bits of Australia that you normally wouldn't have access to. Naturally, there will be a lot of photos showing you where it is that we go, so you can see what it's like to go away on a 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekend. I deliberately downplay the photographic side of play activities, because I believe that if you come along on one of our treks, the last thing you want is someone taking tons of photographs of you while you're playing - that would interfere with your head space a lot, wouldn't it? In the Trip Reports, there will be the occasional photograph of people playing, but it'll be kept to a minimum. If there are any photos in the Trip Report pertaining to play activities, I always ask people if they're OK with having photos taken before the play activities start. If anyone says no, it's no. If you're looking for a gawkfest of bondage photos, you won't find them here - if you really want to see what it's like, playing on a 4WD BDSM Getaway! Weekend, then come along and find out for yourself.

Why are people's faces in the photos blurred out?

I believe in people reserving the right to their anonymity, and leaving the choice up to them as to whether they are identifiable in any photographs. To this end, any faces (and any vehicle registration numbers, for that matter) are obscured. If you do see anyone's face, that's only because it's been cleared as being OK, but in the course of preparing photographs for inclusion on this web site, my default policy is to obscure them.